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Client stories

SOLVER Planetary Saga

Managing change in a +6000 employees banking company

SOLVER Planetary Saga™

One of the leaders in the eastern european banking sector started to digitalize their company, adopting new technologies to be used by employees at all levels. It was necessary to help people understand the change process so they would be more open to it. We offered a solution to better manage the transition between the old and the new work style.


We certified internal trainers in using SOLVER Planetary Saga game-based learning training. The gamified activity served as a basis for one-day workshops, delivered to all departments.

The game-based simulation introduced players to a scenario in which they experience a complete change process without real life consequences.


As a result, employees were able to understand the phases of change but also their own personal reactions to each of them. During the debriefing, participants mapped out a plan that made them more knowledgeable but also more skilful in managing change.

The client organization wanted to increase awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals objectives and encourage the development of youth micro initiatives in their community. They needed to increase young citizens’ confidence in generating impact on any of the 17 goals and encourage them to approach authorities in order to initiate and develop partnerships.


As a solution, we designed a game where players got to know the SDG goals and build their competence towards them.

The game-based learning activity made participants aware of the goals. It created a platform for them to decide which objectives are suitable for them. The young players then created micro-initiatives bringing together small groups of people with similar interests. They also acquired the needed skills to make these initiatives visible beyond their immediate circle of influence.


Some of the game mechanics we worked with were: character building and specialization, resource allocation and worker placement, collaboration and variable narrative.

Creating a gamified activity to encourage micro initiatives on SDG objectives

SDG Take Action!

Learning team management strategy in a modern BPO company


Following an internal company structure change, more employees without previous leadership positions were promoted as team managers. It was important for them to quickly build competence and confidence in developing and managing teams effectively.


SOLVER Rome™ game-based learning activity was delivered to team managers, being included in 2-day learning sessions.

The experiential program provided a space for learners to simulate team interaction without negative results. It created a link between theory and practice. Debriefing had the role to set up participants with deeper knowledge, skills and tools they were able to use in creating high performing teams.


The learning journey following the gamified activity was structured on 4 maturity levels: awareness, contextualization, application and passing it forward.

After a thorough needs analysis and discussions with HR, managers and employees, it was clear that a new type of training program was needed for the IT group. It was revealed that developers, business analysts and team leaders respond better to a new style of practical learning, designed to take their specific needs into consideration.


We designed and certified internal trainers on the program ToolBox – a series of short and performance focused IT skills workshops delivered using highly interactive and engaging methodology.

What made the series a great success was the fact that participants received relevant follow-up assignments and tools that helped them put the acquired skills into practice. It had adapted content – the examples, case studies, everything participants received was industry specific – to make learning actionable for them. It was crucial that the workshops were delivered by trainers with relevant industry experience.


Theoretical information transfer happened through digital reading assignments so participants could choose when to read and no precious workshop time was wasted on theory.

Achieving awesome interactions with colleagues and clients for IT group


instructional design services

Successful digital transformation projects with organizational development partner

SOLVER Digitally FIT

In collaboration with our close partner – one of the largest consultancy and training companies for corporate organizational development in eastern Europe –  we came up with a program for efficient digital transformation for their clients.  


Digitally FIT came as a response to the recent global changes that required employees to shift from occasionally collaborating digitally to accomplishing most of their tasks in an online medium.

The whole experience is very practical. Trainers start with the assessment of participants’ digital aptitudes and building on those through short learning challenges related to their new job requirements.


Topics include hard skills – information and data literacy, communication & collaboration, digital content creation, safety and problem solving – and also soft skills, as managing remote teams, collaborating in virtual environments and productivity.

What our partners say

As the largest training and people development company in Eastern Europe we are constantly looking for new partners to help us improve our knowledge and portfolio. We were extremely happy to discover one of the best content and instructional design providers in our own country. We’ve been working with Solver for a few years now and we use several of their game-based trainings. They were easy to assimilate and integrate in our portfolio and the knowledge transfer was flawless. We recommend their products and the entire team, as their services were always at a high standard and they have a great growth mindset attitude.FLORIN Radulescu, Managing Partner, Ascendis

I really appreciate the Rome game created by these people. It is very complex, you have to juggle with many resources. Its usefulness, apart from the obvious of amusement, consists in the multiple possibilities of debriefing on any theme or types of behaviors.Mihail Pricop, Training manager, Autonom Rent-A-Car

We had great training with Solver. They have always demonstrated professionalism and flexibility, becoming a reliable partner for our group of companies.Erik Barna, CEO and Founder, Life is Hard

I appreciated Solver team's creativity in training. We look forward to the following occasions to see "what's new".Cristian Balmos, Executive manager, Novatex

I had a unique learning experience every time and I felt I received useful insights.Calin Biris, IAA

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