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Learning games – The Deep Sea Odyssey

SOLVER The Deep Sea Odyssey™

This experiential game was initially designed for the IT industry and later adapted to suit other learning needs as well. It helps teams run more effective meetings and apply the principles of self-organization. During the debriefing they transform lessons learned into new ways of working.


  • Developing communication skills and teamwork.
  • Learning how to make the 3 types of SCRUM meetings (stand-up, grooming and review) more efficient.
  • Build strategic skills as resource allocation, team management and strategic planning.
  • Understanding the purpose of each meeting type and how to minimize meeting time while maximizing the information delivered.
    • Activity duration: 2-6 hours           
    • Participants: 6 – 24 people
    • Format: classroom boardgame
    • Language: english, romanian
    • Price: is comprised of trainers’ certification + delivery kit + participant licenses – get in touch for a full quotation

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