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Learning games – Rome


This training game develops communication skills, teaches teamwork, following a common objective and builds team management skills. Because it is fast-paced it is can be delivered successfully as an indoor team building and conference game as well.


  • Developing communication skills in small and medium teams.
  • Learning how to work as a team in dealing with a common objective to accomplish.
  • Build strategic skills as resource allocation, team management and strategic planning.
  • Introduce new members to the team and get acquainted with their work style in practice.
    • Activity duration: 4-6 hours           
    • Participants: 7 – 35 people / universe
    • Format: boargame style, played in 7 teams
    • Language: english, romanian, russian, serbian
    • Price: is comprised of trainers’ certification + delivery kit + participant licenses – get in touch for a full quotation

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