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Learning games – Planetary Saga Digital

Planetary Saga™ Digital

Planetary Saga™ Digital is an online game-based learning simulation that teaches participants about change, how to manage it and how to be an active part of it. The game starts honest discussions about the necessity of change in any organization. Debriefing can be tailored to suit either managers or recipients of change.

It offers participants a realistic view of change and permits multiple routes for debriefing. Managers can experiment how to lead change while individual contributors and teams can get a better sense of how to handle the personal side of change by being actively involved.

Can be delivered with a digital follow-up, through an online microlearning platform which guarantees an engaging and motivating learning experience for the participants, facilitated by a trainer.

  • Activity duration: 2 hours + debriefing
  • Participants: 3-6 people/team
  • Format: online / remote
  • Language: english, romanian, or any other language by request
  • Price: is comprised certification + participant licenses + digital follow-up, by request – get in touch for a full quotation

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