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Learning games – Merchants of Venice

SOLVER Merchants of Venice™

Participants explore DISC behavioral styles through this fun simulation. It helps them practice their knowledge by envisioning real interactions between people with different styles and agendas, just like in real life. The program can be used as part of DISC training or as a follow-up.


  • Learning about the DISC behavioral styles and how to identify them in people.
  • Participants learn ways to adapt their communication style in order to be able to interact effectively and pleasantly with colleagues and clients.
  • Working in teams to improve work relations and communication skills.
    • Activity duration: 3-6 hours
    • Participants: 4-40 people
    • Format: boardgame style, in classroom
    • Language: english, romanian
    • Price: is comprised of trainers’ certification + delivery kit + participant licenses – get in touch for a full quotation

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