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Game-based training & instructional design

What we do

We offer our partners game-based trainings and instructional design services for customized projects.


Ready made training games

Buy a well designed and tested game-based learning tool, that you can use right away in your training sessions. 


Customized learning games

We adapt our ready made training games  to better fit your participants’ learning needs.


Instructional design services

Based on your key learning objectives we design and produce a learning tool that suits your needs.

You need an effective and fun game to include in your training sessions?

We have 4 ready made training games on areas as: teamwork, management, effective meetings, change management and communcation. 

You want us to create a customized learning tool for you?

 Our development process is based on design thinking. As such, it puts the users at the heart of each step.

  1. We gather the needed data

  2. We identify the right problems to fix

  3. Apply creative methods of delivery

  4. Quick prototyping for feedback

  5. Test high quality final version

  6. We transfer the product to you

Check out our appreciated Instructional Design Course, deliverable online

Get in touch and see how we can help your learning projects

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