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You are a citizen of the planet Zeron. More than that, you are a member of its Supreme Council. The fate of the planet and its inhabitants relies on what you and your fellow leaders will decide.

This is the start off point for Solver Planetary Saga. The rest of the activity is fast paced, flow inducing, and full gamified. It will end in powerful conclusions for professionals in any field.

It’s easy to get an change management certification for this digital training tool. See below more info to assess if the simulation matches your needs. 

How does the simulation work?

The main theme is change management. The story will get the participants through 8 rounds. In each of them a step of a well-known change management process will be revealed. Learners have as a goal to collect as many Civilization Points as possible. They will do that by managing resources, communicating clearly within teams, and making fast group decisions based on current information.

As each round is timed, they will get to improve time management skills also. Identifying priorities and acting on what’s most important for the set objective will help them in managing tasks better. This game-based activity is for teams of 3 to 5 people each and can run with up to 5 teams in parallel. It is fully digital; participants have access to the set of rules online and the facilitator will guide their journey with the help of a friendly and clear interface.

A solution for both managers and teams

We asked the organizations we work with what were their challenges in implementing change at any level. Their responses were various. From not communicating the vision properly, to mistakes in leadership, employee resistance or culture flaws, we heard it all. When challenges are diverse from person to person, and company to company, solutions vary in the same way.

This change management certification could be the solution for a part of the challenges you’re facing, as managers:

  • Learn how to manage change and create a realistic plan using Kotter’s 8-step framework.
  • Can simulate in a safe environment how people react to different styles of decision making and leadership during change.
  • Identify the skills and behaviours for leading change successfully and learn how to apply them in each situation.

…and teams:

  • Learn how to handle change by shifting to an active role in the process.
  • Get an overview of the change process to feel more comfortable during the transition period.
  • Find out how to make use of their unique abilities to improve the change initiative.

We developed this engaging digital training tool after a great success with the physical game in trainings around the world. If you want to get more info on the online certification for the change management simulation, write to us and we’ll reply shortly.

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