In the PDF below you can read more about 3 easy-to-implement creativity tools. They are described and explained so you can apply or share them with teams from your organization. 

They are useful for improving or creating new products or services, for finding the root cause of internal issues or choosing a solution for a problem.

Creativity is a skill, not a trait, because it is something that you can develop. Being creative is not about that one lightbulb moment. Having the right tools can help your creative process and can bring great results. 

The 3 creativity tools are:

  • 5 WHYS
  • Six thinking hats

Find details on each of the three techniques by opening the PDF document. You can also download it, to have it whenever needed or you can send it to your colleagues. 

We described each creativity tool, how to run it and gave examples, so you can see it in practice.

At Solver, we create game-based trainings and gamified HR tools for our partners. Being creative is part of the job, and we use a lot of tools that make our tasks easier.  

To discuss more about creativity methods, write to us and we’ll gladly respond.

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