An experiential approach to learning about change management

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Why we applied experiential learning to our change management training

We believe that change management is a subject where experiential learning accomplishes the objective of developing the needed skills.

Change needs practice, it needs to be experienced so people feel more comfortable during transition periods.

Leaders simulate in a safe environment how people react to different styles of decision-making during change. Then, they apply in business the ones that worked best.

Also, studies say that corporate employees are the group that benefit most from experiential learning. And they were exactly our target group.

Employees are the category that benefit the most from experiential learning

In one of his books, experiential learning specialist Jeffrey A. Cantor explains that one of the learner groups that benefit most from this type of instruction are the mature learners. They need the motivation of contextual learning to be interested and engaged.

One of the main categories of mature learners are the corporate employees. For them, learning better be contextual, and it should have personal relevance. People are both emotionally and intellectually invested in the learning process when interest is internal.

When learning about change, employees prefer experiential learning, as it makes them involved in the process and brings better results.

Solver Planetary Saga™ – a change management experiential learning program

Solver Planetary Saga is a gamified training tool that follows the process of experiential learning.

You are a citizen of the planet Zeron. More than that, you are a member of its Supreme Council. The fate of the planet and its inhabitants relies on what you and your fellow leaders will decide during the next 2 hours.

This is the start off point for Solver Planetary Saga. The rest of the activity is fast paced, flow inducing, and full gamified. It’s an engaging experience and it follows the experiential learning process as Kolb defined it.

The main theme is change management. The story gets the participants through 8 rounds. In each, they get to know a step of a well-known change management process. Learners collect as many Civilization Points as possible. They will do that by managing resources, communicating clearly within teams, and making fast group decisions.

Change management is one of the subjects where theoretical knowledge has little effect without the skills needed to apply it

Change is something you practice and experience. You apply a change process, deal with its outcomes, manage your own feelings of discomfort, or make decisions and collaborate with others. And there is no one successful recipe in managing change or dealing with it. So, learning by doing seems like the right option in change management trainings.

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