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Game-based learning & Instructional design

Reimagine learning.

game-based learning & instructional design services

How can we help you make learning better?

Making knowledge stick

When people acquire knowledge through game-based learning, they retain it longer compared to traditional methods.

Creating high engagement

Participants experience full immersion into the rich worlds designed for our games.

Precise tailoring

We create well-designed and high-quality games that create effective learning journeys for specific target audiences.

Providing global reach

We train your instructors to use our tools and all materials are available by order anywhere.

Combining sources of knowledge

We are a group of HR consultants, instructional designers, researchers, graphic designers and testers that worked together on over 40 projects.

Testing solutions

We put a lot of time and effort into developing, testing, calibrating and validating our licensed programs.

Types of products and services

We create game-based trainings and other gamified learning tools to serve many purposes: teamwork, communication, change management, meetings, leadership, sales, NGO’s, coaching, HR processes, etc.

Our programs produce lasting changes in behaviour and increase commitment to learning.

Flagship products



An engaging learning experience, for trainings that address topics as: team development and management, communication.

SOLVER Planetary Saga™

Gamified activity used in change management trainings as it follows the eight-step framework for change.
Solver island run

Island Run

Is a conference game based on the PRACTICE coaching model. The activity is meant to align individual and team efficiency.

Gamified Assessment Center

From the first contact, candidates see the inovative culture and way of thinking of the company, building employer branding.

What makes us different?

Quality maniacs

02-Instructional-designExperiential learning

Complex games


Learning backed by science


Our clients

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients.

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